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Christian views regarding the current world situation. (as of 11 Dec 2011))

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What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Current Issues

Bob Dole's foreign policy.

Timeless Issues


What is the concept of national sovereignty?

What is the concept of national sovereignty? (11 Oct 1996)

Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire

A world-wide open Letter to Senator Olympia Snowe (9 Nov 1996)

The "Golden Goose" of American Politics

We should be PROUD of our Electoral College System! (12 Nov 96, revised 14 Sep 97)

What are our Christmas Carols Trying to Tell Us?

What were the authors of our Christmas carols and hymns really telling us? (Dec 18, 1996)

What does "The 2nd coming of Christ" REALLY mean?

A Christ-Oriented Allegorical Interpretation of St. John's Book of Revelation (Jan 97)

The DEADLY Price of Censorship

Letters to Rev. Dr. Billy Graham, Pope John-Paul II, and Hal Lindsey (Jan 97)

Does God REALLY exist?

Does God REALY exist? (5 Feb 97)

Does Satan REALLY exist?

Does Satan REALLY exist? (7 Mar 97)

The question now (April 1997) is ...

Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals (of censorhip)? Revelations 5:2

The Second Coming of Christ Continues...

Weeding Satanically inspired doctrines out of the teachings of the churches (May/Jun 97)

How Jesus Christ viewed Moses and the Levites

(Part 1) How Jesus Christ viewed Moses and the Levites (Jul 97)

Does the Antichrist REALLY Exist?

A critical review of Jack Van Impe's interpretation of Biblical prophesies (Aug 97)

On War Crimes, Censorship, and Responsibility

War Crimes, Censorship, and Responsibility (Sep 97)

How Jesus Christ viewed Moses and the Levites

(Part II) The good, the bad, and the influences they had. (Oct 97)

Joshua and Genocide: Three Views in One Book

Further eividence that Jesus was right when he said, "On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets." (Matthew 22:40) (Nov 97)

A Brief Review of 1997.

A Brief Review of 1997 (Dec 97)

Who REALLY Represents God?

A remarkable debate by the authors of the Book of Judges (Jan 98)

Some comments on the wierd world of February 1998

On Gulf War II, Maine's "People's Veto" Referendum, and the Lewinsky scandal (Feb 98)

Theocracy vs Monarchy

How Jesus Christ viewed 1st and 2nd Samuel (Part I) (Mar 98)

How Jesus Christ viewed King David

How Jesus Christ viewed 1st and 2nd Samuel (Part II) (Apr 98)

How Jesus Christ viewed King Solomon

How Jesus Christ viewed King Solomn, Psalms, and Proverbs (May 98)

Further Evidence of Censorship

Further Evidence of Censorship (Jun 98)

Satan's "game plan"!!

A Critical Review of the "Dispensational View" of the Bible and of America's "Christian Right" (July 98)

America's Viet Cong-like Standards of Morality

Turning Our Backs on the Rule of Law (22 Aug 98)

How Jesus Christ Viewed Elijah and Elisha

"Supernatural" vs. "Spiritual" Interpretations of the Scriptures (Sep 98)

The UN Funding Issue

The Censorship Continues (Sep 98)

A Deadly Deception of America's "Christian Right"

Selling a "Cadillac with no engine" (18 oct 98)

How Jesus Christ viewed the fall of ancient Israel

Wrapping up 2nd Kings (Nov 98)

The "mysteries" of the Kingdom of God and Heaven

Why Jesus Christ taught in parables. (7 Dec 98)

Testing the Spirits

A Brief Review of 1998 (31 Dec 98)

The Nature of Sin

The Nature of Sin, a lesson that "eludes" our nation's news agencies. (24 Jan 99)

How Jesus Christ viewed the Book of Isaiah, Part 1

How Jesus Christ viewd the Book of Isaiah, Part 1 (Chapters 1 through 39) (Feb 99)

How Jesus Christ viewed the Book of Isaiah, Part 2

How Jesus Christ viewed the Book of Isaiah, Part 2 (Chapters 40 through 66) (Mar 99)

The Kosovo War from God's point of view

Who is to blame for this? (Apr 99)

My Hauge Appeal for Peace Briefing

The causes of war from God's point of view (May/Jun 99)

As we approach the end of a millenium

Distinquishing between false prophets and true prophets of God (Jul 99)

Identifying False Prophets (continued)

Untwisting a popular deception regarding faith and grace (Aug 99)

The Scam Operators' Protection Act of 19XX?

One way to protect your rights in the United States (Sep 99)

The Price of Freedom is Vigilance

The scariest video I have seen this Halloween season (Oct 99)

Jeremiah as you have never seen him before (Prt 1)

How Jesus Christ viewed the book of Jeremiah, Part I, Chapters 1 thru 26 (Nov 99)

On spot-like or "spotted reasoning."

It takes a broad mind to recognize "spotted reasoning." (Dec 99)

Jeremiah as you have never seen him before (Prt 2)

How Jesus Christ viewed the book of Jeremiah (Part 2) (Jan 2000)

The Libertarians' Alternative to the New Testament

A Critical Review of Frederick Bastiat's gospel, "The Law" (Feb 2000)

101 Newt-Lies and Deceptions

Why Hitler-like propaganda tactics don't work so well in America (Mar 2000)

A "still small voice"

Revitalizing the United Nations (Apr 2000)

A Kingdom of God Status Report

Some evidence of progress (May 2000)

Ezekiel as you have never seen him before

How Jesus Christ viewed the Book of Ezekiel, Part 1, Chapters 1 thru 24 (Jun 2000)

Ezekiel continued....

How Jesus Christ viewed the Book of Ezekiel, Part 2, Chapters 25 thru 48 (Jul 2000)

Satan's still out there!

A Modern Declaration of Independence? (Aug 2000)

Losening the grip of Satan's idol

A&E's "Absolute Power Week" (Sep 2000)

Where do we go from here?

Some comments regarding the state of the world (Oct 2000)

Some important lessons to be learned...

Comments Regarding the Election 2000 Results (Nov 2000)

Some further lessons to be learned...

Some further lessons regarding Election 2000 (Dec 2000)

The Deadliest Sin of the Hebrews

A 2rd-heaven Review of the Book of Esther (Jan 01)

Who REALLY wrote the Old Testament?

How Jesus Christ viewed Ezra and Nehemiah (Feb 01)

Hell-bent to DESTROY US ALL!

Commentaries on the movie "Left Behind" and book "Truth Left Behind." (Mar 01)

Why Jesus Christ did what he did

How Jesus Christ viewed Haggai and Zechariah (Apr 01)

On AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, and tax cuts

The commonly overlooked value of "a grain of salt" (May 01)

Evolution vs. Creationism

A Review of Jared Diamond's book, "Guns, Germs, and Steel" (Jun 01)

Not facing up to the truth can be VERY costly.

"The blind leading the blind" (Jul 01)

Saving mankind from themselves

How Jesus Christ viewed the Book of Daniel (Aug 01)

The Tragic Consequences of Racism

How the sins of Ezra and Nehemiah led to the destruction of New York's World Trade Center (Sep 01)

The Giuliani Blunder

What ever happened to "Honesty is the best policy"? (Oct 01)

Will God bless America?

Some more examples of "the blind leading the blind" (Nov 01)

The most important lessons of 2001

Our government's satanically inspired "chickens have come home to roost." (Dec 01)

Bush's 28 Jan 02 State of the Union Address

"Tax and Spend Democrats" vs. "Borrow and Spend Republicans"

A lesson from the Winter Olympics

Putting national flags where they belong (Feb 02)

Right-Wing and Corporate Lies and Deceptions

Now others are exposing them as well (Mar 02)

Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance

The Falun Gong movement and the teachings of Jesus Christ (Apr 02)

The Pledge of Allegiance

What is it really doing to us? (Jun 02)

Bubbles of dishonesty can't last forever

A review of the book, "The Great 401(K) Hoax" by William Wolman and Anne Colamosca (Jul 02)

Let's stop this insanity!

The folly of putting our faith in "might makes right." (Aug 02)

Another War in Iraq?

The Bush Insanity continues... (Sep 02)

Creating our own apocalypse

Potential consequences of Bush's planned invasion of Iraq (Oct 02)

The most important lessons of 2002

Our government still wants to gamble American lives on teachings of Satan (Nov-Dec 02)

A World Gone Mad

Bush's 2003 State of the Union Address (Jan 03)

George W. Bush, A Master of Orwellian Doublespeak

Bush's American Enterprise Institute speech on Iraq (Feb 03)

The Cost of Believing in Lies

Bush's strategy for invading Iraq (Apr 03)

Reverse Robin Hood Republicanism

and the Dance of Death (May 03)

Peace in the Middle East?

Does Sharon rally want it? (Jun 03)

The Lies of the Bush Administraton

The price of tolerating dishonesty (Jul 03)

What Goes Around Comes Around

Why the evil strategies of Sharon and Bush are destined to fail (Aug 03-Sep 03)

God has standards

Is George W. Bush as godly as he wants us to believe? (Oct-Nov 03)

Will the truth prevail?

A Review of Year 2003 (Dec 03)

At least now we have a choice

Bush's 21 Jan 04 State of the Union Address (Jan 04)

Thinking "Outside of the Box"

It's time to consider electoral systems again (Feb 04)

George W. Bush

A Fountain of Lies, Footprints of Blood in the Sands
(May 04)

Republican "Groupthink"

Some more reasons why censorship so often fails. (Jun 04)

The Christian Right's Impact on American Politics

Never Underestimate the Willingness of a Republican to Lie (Aug 04)

Republican "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing"

"Pulling the wool over the public's eyes" (Sep 04)

Opening the "bottomless pit"

Osama Bin Ladin and the grave the Unites States is digging for itself (Nov 04)

Why Satan Still Rules The World

A review of 2004 and its implications for the future (Dec 04)

The Implicit Bold-Faced Lie Technique

A new propaganda tactic? (Jan 05)

Why display the Ten Commandments?

The Ten Commandments vs. America's right wing apostles of selfishness and dishonesty (Feb/Mar 05)

A Review of 2005

Filling in the gaps (Dec 05)

Give the Rule of Law a Chance

Why do we allow Satanic options to become our alternative of first resort?

Might Makes Right vs. The Rule of Law

How right-wing broadcasters help kill people, including their own supporters (Aug 06)

An Immiment (2007) Scenario for a Nuclear War

Also, an area where you don't need a research staff to easily recognize a bold-faced liar (Jan 07)

A Serious Review Ahmadinejad's 2007 UN Speech

Also: How the Democrats are setting themselves up to lose in 2008 (Oct 07)

The implications of "pond scum" technology

Our "mainstream" news agencies are dangerously misleading us again (May 2008)

Is the US about to default US government bonds?

How the "unthinkable" is closer than you may think.

The Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme

There is no legitimate need to burden our children and grandchildren with a "national debt."

A "Trillion Dollar Coin Act of 2011"?

A Congressional Deadlock Breaking Proposal that Will Benefit NEARLY EVERYONE!

The Best Way To Solve Our Economic Problems

If adopted, this solution will protect or improve the livelihoods of at least 80% of US citizens!

We are NOT crash dummies!!!

Debt-based monetary systems are economic suicide pacts!

Tell Lobbying Scam Artists to BUZZ OFF!!!

Americans NEED an EFFECTIVE Consumer Finance Protection Bureau!

Why the EU Monetary System is collapsing!

The Most Incompetent News Coverage Since the Lead-up to G. W. Bush's Invasion Of Iraq!

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