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Bob Dole's Foreign Policy

August19, 1996

Editors, The Boston Globe
135 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02107

Dear Sirs,

Ref. The Republican Platform and Bob Dole's acceptance speech.

Suppose we had a presidential candidate who advocated for the sake of "freedom", that the US abolish all rules regarding which side of the road people should drive on. And that furthermore, to protect drivers and their passengers from the inevitable consequences of this proposed change in the rules, he recommended that everyone replace their automobiles with armored personnel carriers. Would YOU vote for such a candidate?

These are essentially the kind of policies which Bob Dole and his conservative friends have been pushing with regards to US foreign policy and Department of Defense spending. Ever since George Bush left office, Senator Dole and his friends been doing whatever they could to debilitate and perhaps eventually bankrupt the United Nations, an organization that has been saving the lives of millions or people per year and helping to raise the standard of living of hundreds of millions of people. As a result of their efforts to deny the United Nations the funding they needed to conduct adequate peacekeeping operations, tens of thousands of people in Bosnia, and hundreds of thousands of people in Rwanda and Burundi have been killed in anarchies which could easily have been prevented. When President Clinton finally arranged for the commitment of adequate (NATO) resources to stop the bloodshed in Bosnia last year, those forces did in fact stop the anarchy there. Clinton proved it can be done.

Senator Dole's proposed "solution" to the bloodshed in Bosnia was to simply allow arms manufacturers to provide more weapons to all of the combatants. Now he's proposing a similar "solution" (i.e. to increase Department of Defense spending) to protect us from the kind of anarchy problems which he helped to create by financially emasculating the United Nations.

An extraordinary aspect of this situation is that fact the Bob Dole has been receiving financial support from multinational corporations in spite of such efforts. Anarchies may help boost sales for arms manufactures, but most other business enterprises suffer when anarchies occur. Anarchies kill large numbers of potential customers, and leave millions of others too poor to purchase much of anything.

But what is perhaps most extraordinary about this situation is that Bob Dole is being supported in such anti-UN efforts by organizations that have "Christian" in their name. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus of Nazareth warned "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits..." The fruits of anarchy are bloodshed, famine, and death. Those who call themselves "Christians" while advocating the creation or perpetuation of anarchy on an international scale are indeed examples of what Jesus would call "wolves in sheep's clothing."

Christopher C. Currie
3 Baron Park Lane, Apt 14
Burlington, MA 10803

Feel free to publish this as a letter to the editor, op ed, or whatever

Background: USAF Academy Class of '65, now a retired USAF Major, and currently President of the World Federalist Association of New England.

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