The Kosovo War from God's point of view

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Who is to blame for this? (Apr 99)

1. Many reviews and analyses of the tragic war that is presently taking place in Serbia/Kosovo have been published in recent weeks. Although some of them (most notably those contained in the post-dated "May 10, 1999" edition of The Nation magazine) provide some godly observations and recommendations regarding the situation, none of them have actually addressed the real CAUSE of the problem-the idolatrous concept of "national sovereignty." Basically, what is going on there is a bloody battle over differing opinions regarding how the term "national" should be defined in an area of the world known as Kosovo. In the present international anarchy known as the "national sovereignty system", definitions of "national" are still being determined in accordance with the bloody principle that "might makes right."

2. Along with Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic has turned out to be one of the one of the greatest mass murderers of this decade (and of this century). Our news agencies have been reporting on his misconduct quite adequately. But from God's point of view, he and his murderous cronies have only been part of the cause of this problem.

3. Like the Viet Cong, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has also been partly responsible for the carnage that is going on there, because they were the ones who satanically initiated the rebellious anarchy there "for the sake of Kosovo national sovereignty." Rather than resorting to the "rule of law" and treating such behavior as criminal activity (with investigations, trials, etc.), President Milosevic chose instead to satanically react in a military fashion by burning villages and conducting mass executions (without trials) in hopes of intimidating the Kosovars into not joining the KLA. But that only added fuel to the anarchy and probably encouraged even more Kosovars to join the KLA. Satanically inspired tactics by one side nearly always inspire satanic tactics by the other side, thereby often preventing either side from achieving it's goals--usually at great cost to both sides. In this case, Milosevic's satanic tactics led to the present NATO bombing campaign which is devastating Serbia, and that in turn has led to a greatly accelerated "ethnic cleansing" campaign by Milosevic's forces both for revenge and for better "positioning" once the bombing ends. Satanic conduct like that is actually quite typical of they way people often act when subjected to an environment of anarchy. So we need to also consider the actions of those who created that environment of anarchy in the first place.

4. For the past several years, our Pentagon, Senator Jesse Helms and other Republican worshippers of national sovereignty (and increased "defense" spending) have sought to financially and politically emasculate the United Nations and have adamantly opposed the creation of a standing United Nations Peacekeeping well-armed police force. If the United Nations had such a force, it could have been used to resolve this Kosovo crisis at FAR LESS COST to nearly everyone concerned, and hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children who are no longer with us would still be alive today. To make matters worse, last summer those same politicians and generals further succeeded in pressuring the Clinton Administration to reverse it's earlier efforts to establish an International Criminal Court, thereby setting US foreign policy in direct opposition to the "rule of law." Apparently, they consider the idea of a strong United Nations and International Criminal Court to be a political threat to their desires to funnel even MORE tens of billions of US tax dollars to our military industrial complex. From God's point of view, the poor people of Kosovo are now paying with their homes and lives for the sins of those politicians and generals. Those politicians and generals have locked us into a foreign policy that is destined to get the United States involved in a never-ending series of wars and more wars like the ones in Iraq and Serbia and quite possibly into a nuclear World War III as well! Such are the ways of Satan.

5. But from God's point of view, the blame doesn't stop there. The third of the Ten Commandments reads, "You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain." (Exodus 20:7) Nearly ALL of the world's religious leaders (including Pope John Paul II) have been using God's name in vain by claiming to represent Him while misrepresenting God's guidance to the people of the world regarding the worship of national flags and "national sovereignty." THE KOSOVO WAR IS JUST ANOHTER DEADLY SYMPTOM OF AN INTERNATIONAL ANARCHY THAT IS BEING PRESERVED BY THE SIN OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY WORSHIP. Mankind's history over the past 1,500 years has shown that piously deploring the tragic symptoms of national sovereignty worship without addressing the real CAUSE of these problems will NOT solve these problems!

The historically proven solution to the problem of anarchy is to establish a government over all those who were formerly participants in the anarchy (or more precisely, over those who survived the anarchy). But rather than advocating the establishment of a true world government, many of our religious leaders have been satanically OPPOSING anything and everything that comes even close to resembling a true world government in order to preserve their beloved idol of "national sovereignty." The rest of our religious leaders (and most of our news agencies) have been implicitly supporting such satanically inspired efforts by remaining silent on the topic of national sovereignty worship. So from God's point of view, of all the people mentioned above who have contributed to creating the present the Kosovar War, our religious leaders are perhaps the MOST GUILTY, because unlike most of those others, THEY are the ones who have been falsely claiming to represent God while misleading the people of the world on this national sovereignty issue! As Jesus would say, they have been acting like "blind leaders of the blind" and thereby leading MILLIONS of people into ditches. (Matthew 15:14).

"...for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain." (Exodus 20:7)

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