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Some evidence of progress (May 2000)

I'll need more time to complete my article on how Jesus Christ evidently viewed the book of Ezekiel, so I'll take this opportunity to provide a brief report on some indications of progress I've been observing regarding the Kingdom of God. I've also added four significant letters to the end of my Sep 99 article, "The Scam Operators Protection Act of 19XX?" They show how your right as a US citizen to be free from coercion by private corporations to pay for goods or services that you did not specifically authorize is in danger of being eroded out of existence.

STATUS REPORT: Although the national sovereignty system (and the worship of national flags) is still killing millions of men, women, and children throughout the world each year, I've nevertheless seen some encouraging indications over the past few years that the Kingdom of God is gaining in strength while the idolatry of national sovereignty is losing its grip on the hearts and minds of many people.

1. To begin with, MANY of dire "Y2K" predictions which our nations' national-sovereignty-worshipping "conservative" preachers had been selling for the past few years have failed to come true. One might say that this shows that they were "false prophets" (even according to the standards that they themselves claimed should be used for distinguishing between true and false prophets). The chances are that in order to credibly continue their ministries, they will to have to "reinvent themselves" so as to present a more credible message. Actually, they can do that rather easily simply by adopting a course that comes A LOT closer to taking God's two most fundamental commandments SERIOUSLY!

2. Over the past two US presidential election cycles, the candidate that presented a presidential agenda that more closely conformed with God's two most fundamental commandments won easily over the candidate who espoused an essentially satanically inspired "politics of selfishness." By using considerably less-than-honest propaganda tactics leading up to the 1994 mid-term elections, the Newt Gingrich team managed "take over both Houses of Congress", but most of his "soul mates" have been suffering major setbacks ever since. Though there may be further temporary setbacks, the trend of success is continuing to move in the direction of God's guiding principles of truth and love. The recent House vote to normalize trade relations with China is another example of significant movement in this direction.

2. CBS recently aired a two-part miniseries called "Jesus" that contained a considerable amount of conjecture but was nevertheless the most realistic and believable biographical portrayal of Jesus I have yet seen aired. Unlike most previous portrayals of Jesus, which have tended to focus primarily on the biographical narrative and the miracles described in the New Testament, this portrayal of Jesus focused on Jesus' message regarding the Kingdom of God as described in the New Testament and on the quite understandable reactions of his contemporaries to that message. This is definitely progress. What is needed now is a portrayal of Jesus that is like this one but which more specifically shows (as I have done on this web site) how Jesus' teachings and parables were derived from his recognition of the allegorical lessons that were carefully crafted into many of the stories in the Hebrew Scriptures.

3. For many years now, Hollywood film makers like Steven Spielberg and the Disney Corporation have been making "BIG BUCKS" by producing movies that reaffirm the wisdom of following God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves (presented pretty much without restrictions). The wisdom of this approach has been increasingly featured in many TV programs as well. For example, in a recent episode of "Charmed" where the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were portrayed as being super-warlocks, the three sisters agreed at the beginning of the show that it would be better to save the life a sibling than the lives of several strangers. By the end to the show they had reversed their views in that regard. So even though their portrayals of the "supernatural" are misleading (though admittedly quite entertaining), at least they are on the mark as far as the essential themes or lessons that they are presenting.

4. Even TV commercials are coming closer to following God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves (like the ad to help discourage people from using tobacco products by pointing out that tobacco kills over 400,000 Americans per year).

5. And, as many of you may have already noticed, Pope John Paul II has been implementing numerous changes in recent years that have brought the Roman Catholic Church more in line with God's two most fundamental commandments.

I'm sure you can identify further items that could be added to this list. I find such evidence of progress to be encouraging, even if we still have a substantial way to go yet to help "God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

(one grain of salt)

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