Losening the grip of Satan's idol

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A&E's "Absolute Power Week"

The following article was published in the OPINION Section of the 18 September 2000 edition of The Air Force Times. It's a tribute to our system of democracy that the Air Fore Times is now willing to publish such a critical view of our nation's military leadership.

Pilots, like drivers, can be blamed for crashes:

In his 21 Aug. letter to the editor "Pilots as criminals," retired Col. Carl W. Rawrie expressed his view that pilots responsible for fatal aircraft accidents should not be held legally liable for their actions.

It is not uncommon for civilians who are responsible for fatal car accidents to be held criminally liable for the misconduct or gross negligence that led to such accidents. Why should Air Force pilots be considered inherently less liable than their civilian counterparts in that regard?

I find the attitude expressed by Rawrie to be quite disturbing, but not surprising. After all, the highest-ranking officers at the Pentagon have adamantly opposed the implementation of the rule of law embodied in the International Criminal Court.

Apparently, like Ho Chi Minh, they believe their subordinates should have an implicit "right" to commit war crimes with impunity. Attitudes like that tend to reproduce themselves all the way down the chain of command.

If you have any doubts about how disastrous that can be, consider the contribution that Lt. William Calley (of Mai Lai fame) made towards America's defeat in Vietnam, in spite of the fact that we had clearly superior military capabilities.

The last thing our nation needs are military officers at any level who believe they shouldn't be held accountable legally for the consequences of their actions.

Maj. Christopher C. Currie, (ret.)


Earlier this month, the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) network broadcast a series of "Absolute Power Week" biographies on Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Uganda's Idi (Dada) Amin, Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic, Romania's Nicholae Ceausescu, and Cambodia's Pol Pot. In each of these biographies one could see how those individuals yielded to the temptation to actually use the "absolute power" to murder LARGE numbers of their own citizens that the national sovereignty system theoretically grants to "heads of state." As the saying goes, absolute power tends to "corrupt absolutely." And yet, it is precisely that kind of theoretical "absolute power" granted by our present national sovereignty system that Jack Van Impe, Senator Jesse Helms, and those high-ranking officers at our Pentagon are so adamantly attempting to preserve!

I use the word "theoretically" above, because in spite of the fact that our national sovereignty system gives heads of state the POWER to kill as many as their own people as they want to, as those biographies and my above letter show, those who do so (and/or their supporters) nearly always pay a heavy PRICE for such ungodly actions. So in that respect, the "absolute power" promised by Satan's spiritual ideal of "national sovereignty" tends to be more of a myth than a reality.

The three-volume video set "The Celts" (offered by PBS) shows that until after World War II, the leaders of Great Britain seriously attempted to obliterate use of the non-English native languages of the Scots, Irish, and Welsh inhabitants of the British Isles, because they considered the use of such languages to be a threat to their own particular definition of "British national sovereignty." Even today, the government of Turkey is attempting to do the same thing to their Kurdish citizens--for the very same reason. Today in Great Britain, however, the study and use of such "ancient" languages is not only being tolerated, but in some places it is even being encouraged as a way of preserving people's cultural heritage. Why the change? It's because the British government realizes now that as long as their citizens know how to speak English, their use of those other languages does NOT pose a threat to their "national security." So as the world progresses, more and more people are beginning to recognize that worshipping and subordinating God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves to the vampire-like concept of "national sovereignty" tend to produce evil consequences for nearly everyone concerned.

As I have pointed out in earlier articles on this web site, worshipping and subordinating one's ideals to "national sovereignty" and it's promises of "absolute power" is in many ways like worshipping and subordinating one's ideals to Satan himself! As we will see in my commentary on the Book of Daniel (which, as it is turning out, will take me a few more months to complete), the inherently evil and temporary nature of the "absolute power" promised by the national sovereignty system is one of the major issues addressed by the authors of Daniel. Indeed, it is this Satanically inspired concept or phenomenon that Daniel was REALLY addressing when he described the "head of fine gold" in the statue that King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed about in Chapter 2 ("fine gold" from Nebuchadnezzar's point of view).

(one grain of salt)

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