On AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, and tax cuts

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The commonly overlooked value of "a grain of salt." (May 01)

I was hoping to have my review of the Book of Daniel completed by now, but I keep encountering new issues that require further research. So, I've decided to cast some other "breads upon the waters" for consideration by whomever it may concern.

A CURE FOR AIDS? During a documentary on AIDS a few years ago, one of the experts on the subject mentioned that AIDS is not transmitted by mosquitoes. My immediate reaction was, "Why not?" Why is the AIDS virus less able than encephalitis when it comes to being transmitted this way? The documentary didn't attempt to answer that question, and none of the people involved with AIDS research that I have talked with have been able to do so either. My own hypothesis is that the reason mosquitoes don't spread AIDS is because they can't maintain the blood at 98.6 F plus or minus some range or temperature. If that is true, then a possible cure for aids would be to clinically lower the body temperature of an AIDS patient to some level for a sufficient amount of time to kill the AIDS virus. Has this possible treatment for AIDS ever been researched or tried? Or is there another reason why mosquitoes don't transmit AIDS that could contribute to a cure?

PREVENTING ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE? During another documentary regarding Alzheimer's disease, a comment was made that the brains of its victims were found to contain unusually high levels of some form of aluminum. So I began to wonder, "How could aluminum get into a human brain?" Then I recalled that once I used a flashlight to pear inside my aluminum "whistling teakettle" and found that it was highly corroded inside. Since then, I've been using a stainless steel whistling teakettle. But what if those traces of aluminum found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease victims came from many years of using those popular aluminum whistling teakettles? And what if those flakes of corroded aluminum were in fact a cause of Alzheimer's disease? I've read articles where some researchers have concluded that Alzheimer's disease is caused by hereditary factors, but hereditary factors don't explain why victims of Alzheimer's disease have abnormally high amounts of aluminum in their brain tissue. Why isn't the scientific method being fully applied to solve this problem? Again, my efforts to bring this possible cause of Alzheimer's disease to the attention of medical experts have "fallen on deaf ears" so far, apparently because I lack the man-made "credentials" that they require to take such a hypothesis seriously. Could the key to the cause and prevention of Alzheimer's disease be drifting around in your coffee cup?

POLITICALLY CONTROLLED NEWS COVERAGE? If you go to www.quote.com and plot a "live chart" of the Dow Jones Industrial Average using a weekly interval with a moving average, you will see that aside from a brief upward spike at the beginning of the year 2000, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was pretty much holding steady until Al Gore blew his credibility in the first two presidential debates last fall. Then, once it became clear that George W. Bush might actually win the election, it began to fluctuate in a generally donward direction until it "bottomed out" on March 21, 2001. Why? Apparently because on the 21st of March, Senate Democrats and a few conscientious Republican Senators voted to reduce President Bush's proposed 1.6 trillion dollar tax cut down to 1.2 trillion dollars. The very next day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up about 400 points and has been fluctuating in a generally upward direction ever since. Evidently, a significant number of individual and institutional investors throughout American were seriously concerned that Bush's 1.6 trillion dollar tax cut would cause America's national debt to begin spiraling up again, and that would cause interest rates to surge up again and thereby cause our economy to nosedive, as happened in the early 1990s during the first Bush Administration. So apparently, were it not for those conscientious Democratic and Republican Senators who voted to trim that tax cut down to a more manageable level, George W. Bush and our Republican leaders in Congress would have led us into one of the biggest stock market crashes since the Great Depression! This also appears to be one of the issues that led to Senator Jeffords' decision to "pull the plug" on the Republican's control of the Senate.

Have you seen this relationship between Bush's proposed tax cut and the performance of the stock market pointed out by any of your news sources yet? If not, and if you have a significant portion of your "life savings" invested in the stock market, then I recommend you change or at least expand your news sources.

one grain of salt

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Last modified on Friday, May 03, 2002