The most important lessons of 2001

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The most important lessons of 2001

Our government's satanically inspired "chickens have came home to roost." (Dec 01)

2001 was not a good year for America, or for most people throughout the world. Despite the claims of some of our political leaders, Osama Bin Laden's premeditated destruction of New York's World Trade Center towers on 11 September will simmer in our memories and influence our government's actions for many years to come. Also, despite the claims of some of our political leaders, Bin Laden has made it quite clear that his actions in this regard were in response to our own government's less-than-godly policies in the Middle East. Since the beginning of the Reagan Administration (at least), our government has nearly always supported the racially bigoted policies of the nation-state of Israel, often at tragic costs in terms of the lives and living standards of Palestinians and other "Gentiles" in that area. In effect, by ignoring God's guiding principles of truth and love, our government got sucked into the satanically inspired vortex of religiously promoted racial bigotry (and resulting hatreds) that was created by Ezra and Nehemiah two and a half thousand years ago. Since then, that deadly ideological vortex has churned throughout history and repeatedly led to bloody devastations of the lives and properties of Jews and Gentiles alike. Now that same satanically inspired vortex of racial bigotry and resulting hatreds has grown to a point where it is inspiring the killing of thousands of innocent Americans as well!

In his most recent video, Bin Laden claimed that the United States was "at war" with all Moslems and that our country's downfall was 'imminent." Bin Laden clearly has no understanding of how BIG and DIVERSE a country the United States really is. Although our government's foreign policies since the Reagan Administration have created numerous examples that Moslem extremists can effectively use to make it appear that the United States "hates Moslems", the aftermath of 11 September has clearly shown that Bin Laden's claim does not hold true within the United States itself. In fact, his claim hasn't consistently held true regarding our government's foreign policies either (consider our efforts to defend the Moslems in Kosovo, for example). Bin Laden is right however about one thing. More likely than not, the Bush Administration's foreign policies will create an economic disaster for the United States and perhaps for the rest of the world as well.

Since most of the members of the Bush Administration "thumbed their noses" at the rule of law, the United Nations, and nearly all other peaceful and economically efficient means for dealing with such problems, they have "painted themselves into an ideological corner" that has led them to mistakenly conclude that our Defense Department and State Department establishments can afford to become "the World's Policemen" to counter threats like terrorism, drug trafficking, etc. The world certainly has an urgent need for an organization to function as a "World Policeman", but the Vietnam War taught us the hard way that we can't afford to do it unilaterally. To make matters worse, the Bush Administration is attempting to build a National Missile Defense System to counter an unlikely "threat" of a nuclear missile attack by some "rogue nation." Of course, the National Missile Defense System is little more than a "pork-oriented" corporate welfare program designed from the very start to primarily benefit our nation's defense industry. It doesn't take a genius to see where this is leading us. The Bush Administration has already given away or squandered the so-called "budget surplus" it inherited from the Clinton Administration, and is now increasing our national debt at an accelerating rate. That means that it won't be long before we begin seeing corresponding increases in prime lending rates. We saw during the first Bush Administration what that will do to our economy. Tens of thousands of businesses will cease to exist, "office space for lease" signs will begin appearing all over the place again, our busiest highways will no longer be busy, the unemployed will no longer renew their subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, etc. Bin Laden's satanically inspired efforts may indeed contribute to a "downfall" in American economic activity for a while, but that "downfall" will be caused far more by the Bush Administration's misguided policies than by anything that Bin Laden has done. Either way, if he lives long enough, Bin Laden will no doubt claim such an economic downfall as a "victory for Moslems everywhere."

How did we end up getting ourselves into such a mess? For the most part, it started with the satanically inspired teachings of various leaders of America's so-called (national flag worshipping) "Christian Right." Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, etc. attracted millions on dollars in sales and contributions by promoting fear of a "new world order" and replacing their former "communist menace" bogeyman with a "Moslem menace" bogeyman after the Soviet Union collapsed. It wasn't long before various political leaders (Jesse Helms, Bob Dole, Ron Paul, etc.) jumped onto the moneymaking bandwagon that those "Christian Right" leaders created. Those "right wing" politicians then helped to make some of the "Christian Right" predictions about a "Moslem menace" become self-fulfilling prophecies by shaping US foreign policies in ways that were virtually guaranteed to inspire some Moslems to become extremists and retaliate in such deadly ways. To make matters even worse, when most of the nations of the world supported the creation of an International Criminal Court to deal with such problems in a more efficient and effective manner, these "right wingers" adamantly opposed the whole idea and did everything they could to keep the International Criminal Court from becoming a reality. Even our military leaders in the Pentagon (many of whom had initially supported the idea of an International Criminal Court) eventually jumped onto that bandwagon as if they were "war criminal wannabes parading around with invincible stars on their shoulders." All these things helped create the ideological environment where the leaders of our government evidently saw "nothing wrong" with the Israeli government's racially bigoted policies like creating Jewish settlements on Arab lands and using military aircraft and tanks to assassinate men, women, and children who were "suspected" of being terrorists themselves or at least supporters of terrorists. When the citizens of Israel voted for Ariel Sharon to become their head of state, they voted for an apostle of violence and anarchy to become their leader, and that is precisely what they have gotten since then--MORE violence and anarchy than ever before! But our government apparently sees "nothing wrong" with that either. Indeed, our government has adopted many of Ariel Shoron's satanically inspired and ultimately ineffective policies to guide its own "fight against terrorism." From God's point of view, it is our nation's religious leaders who are the most at fault for this sorry state of affairs, because mistakes like this would not have happened were it not for that fact that they have been falsely claiming to represent God while ignoring God's two most fundamental and most IMPORTANT commandments!

Matt 22:37-40 (Revised Standard Version)
And he said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets."

Matt 22:37-40 (The Living Bible)
Jesus replied, "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. The second most important is similar: 'Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.' All the other commandments and all the demands of the prophets stem from these two laws and are fulfilled if you obey them. Keep only these and you will find that you are obeying all the others."

As Jesus Christ taught and illustrated on numerous occasions, God wants us to follow these principles of truth and love WITHOUT placing restrictions of either one. Moslems are our neighbors, as are Jews, and people of any other religious or ethnic origin; they are all to be treated accordingly. Those, like Bin Laden, who falsely claim to represent God/Allah while promoting violations of those two commandments, are LYING. Americans are now paying with their lives for allowing such people (Moslem, Christian, or Jew) to get away with uttering such lies without having their credibility SERIOUSLY CHALLANGED!

So, if the people of our nation (especially our religious leaders) allow our government to continue putting its faith in the "might makes right" principle of anarchy rather than the far more godly rule of law, you can be SURE that the kinds of problems described above will not only continue, they will get worse until our government finally DOES put it's faith in God's guiding principles of truth and love and His corresponding rule of law.

("one grain of salt", "the finger of God")

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