Bush's 28 Jan 02 State of the Union Address

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"Tax and Spend Democrats" vs. "Borrow and Spend Republicans" (Jan 02)

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

-- Abraham Lincoln

President Bush's well written 28 Jan 02 State of the Union Address appeared to be well received by most of his Congressional audience and subsequently by most news commentators and the American public. However, there were serious deficiencies in the accuracy of some of the statements he made.

Most of his speech was devoted to his Administration's "war on terrorism." As a columnist for Time Magazine has pointed out, Bush apparently figures that his father's Gulf War ended too soon, thereby leaving plenty of time for the American people to wise up to the damage that the first Bush Administration did to America's economy. Apparently, this new President Bush is hoping that by defining an extended war, "waving the American flag", and focusing people's attention on terrorist activities, most Americans won't notice the damage that his own Administration is doing to our economy. This must be "music to the ears" of executives throughout our defense industry.

The threat of terrorism against American targets is of course quite real, but nowhere in his speech does President Bush address the root causes of these problems (i.e. why so many people have decided to become terrorists in the first place). Instead, he talks in terms of using military power and diplomatic pressures on various governments to "eliminate the terrorist parasites." Despite his claims to the contrary, President Bush is in fact investing the faith of our nation in the philosophies and tools of Satan rather than God. His proposals to create a "USA Freedom Corps" and to expand the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and Senior Corps would help in this regard (if his proposals are adopted), but he totally ignored the role that US foreign policy has played in helping to create the present mess we are in. (Ref. My Dec 01 article)

Later on in his speech he says, "We have no intention of imposing our culture--but America will always stand for the non-negotiable demands of human dignity, the rule of law...limits on the power of states...respect for women...private property...free speech...equal justice...and religious tolerance."

That statement may sound great, and inspiring, but it HAS NOT BEEN TRUE under this present Bush Administration! As anyone can see from the Bush Administration's opposition to the rule of law embodied in the International Criminal Court, Bush would have been far more accurate if he had said, "We believe the rule of law should apply to everyone but us. You can't trust them; you can only trust us. Like the government of Israel, our policies are based on the principle that might makes right."

Anyone who watches the news these days can see that the Israeli government's "might makes right" policies have been doing more to INSPIRE incidents of deadly violence than to prevent them. The chances are high that Americans will continue to suffer similar disasters if we allow our government to continue doing likewise.

As far as our economy is concerned, President Bush (and Time, Warner, Inc.) have been seeing far more of a "silver lining" in the slight upturn in our nation's GDP last quarter than the facts really warrant. The Fed's eleven consecutive cuts in the prime interest rate have created temporary upsurges in house purchases, mortgage refinancing, and automobile sales. However, now that our government has returned to the deficit spending practices of the Reagan/Bush era, those low interest rates aren't likely to last much longer. Indeed, part of that slight upsurge in the GDP has been attributed to the fact that in response to the September 11 attack, our government has had to (borrow and) infuse 10% more money into our economy than had been planned. Even then, the true amount of money our government has been spending for its "war on terrorism" may not become clear for another year or so. Our economy has also been helped by lower gasoline prices, but that's because threats of terrorism and/or unemployment have discouraged most Americans from traveling as much as they used to. Our tourism industry is hurting because of that, and our nation's unemployment rate is continuing to rise. To make matters worse, the Bush Administration has been embarking on the same sort of big business favoring "deregulation" practices that led to the costly "Savings and Loan Scandal", except that now the symptoms of such practices are called the "Enron Scandal" and the "California Power Supply Rip-off."

So at this point, it appears that despite his efforts to "extend the war on terrorism", our present President Bush will end up making the same mistakes his father did (for the very same reasons). If that does indeed happen, America's backlash against "Borrow and spend Republicans" will be awesome!

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Friday, May 03, 2002