A lesson from the Winter Olympics

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Putting national flags where they belong (Feb 02)

I was favorably impressed with Sunday night's spectacular closing ceremony at the Winter Olympics.
National flags were utilized prominently throughout the course of the Olympics, but it was always clear (especially during the closing ceremonies) that the divisive spirits that such flags normally inspire were held in check by (i.e. subordinated to) the cooperative spirit and rules of the Olympic games. As all could see, unlike our world's political leaders, the participants in the Olympics engaged in competitive activities, had a good time, ate well, and even made money--all without killing anybody!

So perhaps the most significant difference between the Olympic games and the political practices or our world's "heads of state" is that the participants in the Olympic games are committed to following the "rule of law." On the other hand, our own President Bush is adamantly OPPOSED to the rule of law embodied in the International Criminal Court or anything else that threatens to impose restrictions on our government's "might makes right" foreign policies. And then we naively wonder why American's throughout the world are faced with such potentially serious terrorist threats. Terrorism, like war, is a symptom of anarchy. The time-proven solution to anarchy and its deadly symptoms is government (i.e. the rule of law). But rather than pursue such an alternative, the Bush Administration has chosen instead to increase our Defense budget by 30% this year. That 48 billion dollar increase is itself greater than the military budgets of every other nation in the world! And where will that money come from? It will either come directly from increases in our present national debt (thereby guaranteeing increased tax rates and interest rates in the future) or more likely it will be "borrowed" from our nation's Social Security, Medicare, and education funds (which will likewise guarantee increased tax rates and interest rates in the future). So one way or another, most Americans will pay a considerable price for the Bush Administration's decisions in this regard.

After last year's September 11 tragedy, displaying the American flag became fashionable almost to the point of absurdity. From used car dealers to rock & roll bands (e.g. Bon Jovi), businesses all over the place jumped on the American flag bandwagon. Such national flag worshipping may be viewed by some as a way to "unite our nation", but from God's point of view, national flag worshipping is ultimately divisive (downright satanic in nature), and the consequences of such idolatry will be predictably ungodly.

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Friday, May 03, 2002