Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance

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The Falun Gong movement and the teachings of Jesus Christ (Apr 02)

John 15:1-5 (TLB)
"I am the true Vine, and my Father is the Gardener. He lops off every branch that doesn't produce. And he prunes those branches that bear fruit for even larger crops. He has already tended you by pruning you back for greater strength and usefulness by means of the commands I gave you. Take care to live in me, and let me live in you. For a branch can't produce fruit when severed from the vine. Nor can you be fruitful apart from me. Yes, I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in me and I in him shall produce a large crop of fruit. For apart from me you can't do a thing."

In this teaching, Jesus allegorically likens himself and his teachings (or more precisely, his Spirit) to a "vine" allegorically equivalent to the Garden of Eden's "Tree of Life" growing over time. As pointed out in my article "HOW IT ALL BEGAN" on www.onesalt.com, the "Tree of Life" allegorically represents the "tree of knowledge" that individuals and societies acquire when they follow God's guiding principles of truth and love (without placing any restrictions whatsoever on their definition or neighbor or on the applicability of the truths learned while seeking to love their neighbors and themselves). Jesus summarized these two principles as follows:

Matt 22:37-40 (NKJ)
"'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets."

One cannot effectively follow the first commandment without seeking to follow the second of these two commandments as well. This is because all human perceptions are inherently relative, and the ONLY criterion God wants us to use for evaluating the truth is to evaluate whether or not the action or teaching in question conforms with His commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves (without restrictions). Sometimes, we find that a teaching or conclusion that we once thought was godly and true has in fact been producing ungodly consequences for others. In such cases, God guides us to "prune" such teachings or conclusions from our "vine" or "tree of life." Throughout history, political as well as religious institutions that have ignored such "pruning" have inevitably ceased to exist (i.e. God "lopped them off" from the ever evolving course of human events).

These days when so-called "conservative" Jews and Moslems in the Middle East are falsely claiming to represent God or Allah while clearly acting like Satan, it is impressive to observe how a serious teaching and following God's guiding principles of truth and love has produced new "religion" that has attained an enormous world-wide following in a period as short as a mere ten years! This past week marked the tenth anniversary of the founding of the "Falun Gong" movement. Founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi, this movement regards itself as being "free of political and religious affiliation", but for most practical purposes, it is itself a religion, just as early Christianity was a rapidly growing religion before the Roman Catholic Church was formed. The term "Falun" refers to the "Greatest Law of the Universe" often viewed as functioning like a "wheel." The term "Gong" refers to the concept of cultivating energy, work, or a movement. Its members refer to themselves as "practitioners" and often use the term "Falun Dafa" interchangeably with "Falun Gong." Both terms mean pretty much the same thing, except that the term "Falan Dafa" appears to place more emphasis on the philosophical rather than the exercise aspects of the movement. Like most relgions, Mr. Li's teachings include a number of mystical aspects, but their focus is more on developing "supernormal" capabilities of perception rather than "supernatural powers."

The Falun Gong movement arose out of a merging of Buddhist teachings and the popular Chinese "Qigong" (cultivating one's internal life force) practice of participating in organized group exercises. But Mr. Li based his teachings are firmly on "truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance" which, like Jesus' "Golden Rule" (Matthew 7:12), is merely a different way of expressing God's guiding principles of truth and love. Because of this, by the mid-1990s the Falun Gong movement had become the most popular form of Qigong in China, and since then it has spread throughout the rest of the world as well.

Unfortunately, the movement became so popular that by 1997 Red China's insecure communist bureaucrats began to view the movement as a potential political rival to the Communist Party. Perhaps the willingness of Falun Gong practicioners to "stand up for the truth" struck fear in their hearts as well. In any case, those communist bureaucrats satanically decided to outlaw the Falun Gong movement and began to systematically employ their government-run media to falsely portray the movement as a "Cult of Evil." This led to widespread persecutions of Falun Gong practitioners, including the torture and/or killing of many thousands of them. Furthermore, the Red Chinese government's attempt to persecute Falun Gong pratitioners and apply pressure tactics againts their sympathizers has extendend to other countries throughout the world, including the United States. Chinese government officials in America have been persistently attempting to pressure local mayors, Congressmen, Senators, bookstore owners, and even universities to "blacklist" Falun Gong pratitioners and their publications. Unfortunately, in some cases they have succeeded.

However, since the Falun Gong movement is now a worldwide phenomenon, there is no way that the Chinese government can effectively conceal the evil consequences of their satanic "crack down." The decision to hold the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing will focus even more of the world's attention on the Chinese government's atrocious behavior. Eventually, China's highest ranking government officials will be contemptuously reviled, even by their own descendants. God's guiding principles of truth and love are eternal, while their present "grip on political power" in China is not. Throughout the whole world, the only government that is having a "problem" with Falun Gong practitioners is the one and only government that is attempting to eradicate them, Red China. In typical satanic fashion, the evil efforts of those communist burearcrats against Falun Gong practitioners are effectively destroying their own credibility as national leaders and accelerating the rate at which they themselves (along with their morally corrupt ideals) will be "lopped off" from the evolving course of human events.

For more detailed information about the Falun Gong movement, visit the websites www.fofg.org (Friends of Falun Gong) and www.faluninfo.net (Falun Dafa Information Center). You will see that what Red China's government has been doing at home and abroad is not only disturbing, but shocking.

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Friday, May 03, 2002