The Pledge of Allegiance

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What is it really doing to us? (Jun 02)

Last month, for the first time since I created www.onesalt.com in the summer of 1996, I was unable to publish a monthly article on it. My original Internet service provider (ISP) was TIAC, which through a series of mergers over the years became known as INTER.NET. But this year, INTER.NET decided to get out of the ISP business, so they handed my account over to EARTHLINK, a company that demanded an enormous price increase to continue the services that INTER.NET had been providing for me. So I transferred www.onesalt.com to another, far more reasonably priced ISP. I will also be phasing out the email address that I was using (curriec@tiac.net), so effective immediately; my new email address is curriec@onesalt.com. As with credit card companies that become greedy, ISPs that become greedy end up earning NOTHING from me. It's my little contribution to the health, friendliness, and flexibility of our "free enterprise" system.

On 26 June, a federal appeals court in California ruled that citing the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools constituted an unconstitutional endorsement of religion because of the "under God" phrase that was added by Congress in 1954. Oh my...what a ruckus that caused. But our nation's news coverage of this issue has been HIGHLY biased toward preserving what has in fact been a myth! The majority of judges in that federal appeals court were correct in concluding that the Pledge of Allegiance constitutes a governmental endorsement of a religion, but by focusing on the "under God" phrase, they completely missed the point! From God's point of view, pledging allegiance to a flag is itself a form of idolatry or idol worship (i.e. a form of religion). When one considers the BILLIONS of men, women, and children who have been killed by national flag worshippers over the centuries; it becomes clear that national flag worshipping is in fact a form of Satanism. Adding "under God" to that pledge helped to obscure that truth by allowing Christians and Jews to rationalize, "I know that the Ten Commandments prohibit the worship of idolatrous objects such as flags, but since that pledge contains the phrase 'under God' we can honestly limit our support for that pledge to acts which conform with God's guidance." Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

Luke 16:13 (KJV)
"No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

So as it has turned out, the phrase "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance has in fact been a lie! It may be an admirable ideal, but as stated in that pledge, it is a lie! On our coins and paper money our government claims "In God we trust" which is likewise an admirable ideal, but in fact it is also a lie. If our coins said, "In the H-Bomb we trust", THAT would be true. If our coins said, "In the teachings of Satan we trust", that would ALSO be true.

Consider the International Criminal Court which will officially come into being tomorrow (1 Jul 02). The Bush Administration, various Senators and Congressmen, and our morally dubious Joint Chiefs of Staff have adamantly opposed the creation of an International Criminal Court, because it might impinge upon the "right" of our soldiers to commit war crimes (or the "right" of our political leaders to order them to commit war crimes). THAT amounts to putting our nation's faith in the teachings of Satan! Sixty nine nations (including ALL of our nation's allies) have not only "signed on" to the International Criminal Court, their legislatives bodies have ratified it as well. THEY recognize that the lies and disinformation that have been dreamed up by those in the United States who oppose the rule of law are precisely that--lies and disinformation. Actually, that's not surprising. Lies and disinformation are often the trademarks of those who have put their faith in the teachings of Satan rather than God.

Consider also President Bush's instructions to our nation's intelligence agencies to "remove" Saddam Hussein by whatever means necessary (apparently including assassination, if possible). One doesn't have to be a "rocket scientist" to realize that Saddam Hussein is likely to retaliate by "putting out a contract" for the assassination of President Bush. Perhaps that is exactly what the Bush Administration is hoping will happen. If our intelligence agencies can prove that Saddam Hussein has actually put out such a contract, then the Bush Administration may figure they have all the justification they need to launch a full-scale military invasion of Iraq "to take out Saddam" (or at least to take out his government as we did in Afghanistan). Apparently, President Bush believes that waging wars of various kinds will increase his political popularity (and chances for reelection). This is ALSO putting our nation's faith in the teachings of Satan rather than God.

Then there is the Bush Administration's support for the satanically inspired policies of Israel's Ariel Sharon. A substantial majority of voters in Israel elected Sharon based on his promise to bring "peace" by "cracking down" on terrorist organizations. Instead, Sharon's murderous policies and lack of concern for the rule of law have only made matters worse. Under Sharon's "leadership", the people of Israel are more likely to be killed by a terrorist now that at any time since that nation was created. And what has Sharon accomplished so far? NOTHING--other than to get more Palestinians and Israelis killed than ever before. And what does our President do about this? He supports Sharon and blames Arafat for the violence, even though it has become quite clear by now that Arafat has almost no control over the Palestinian organizations that are responsible for all those suicide bombings. How could Arafat possibly control them? Sharon has wiped out most or perhaps even all of Arafat's police force. This is an example what happens when political leaders put their faith in the teachings of Satan rather than God. It is also an example of what America's own future will be like if President Bush is permitted to continue in the satanically inspired direction in which he is presently headed. Perhaps our government's mandate to recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" in our public schools rooms is the reason why so few Americans seem to be able to recognize the evil nature of the direction in which the Bush Administration is leading us.

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Sunday, June 30, 2002