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The folly of putting our faith in "might makes right." (Aug 02)

In the midst of these insane times when President George W. Bush's right-wing civilian political appointees in the Pentagon are doing everything they can to get our nation into an all-out war in Iraq (apparently for no real reason other than to create an even greater flow of tax dollars into the bank accounts of American defense contractors), it helps to view such conduct (or misconduct) from the perspective of what we SHOULD be doing to truly achieve long-term solutions to the kinds of problems that they have been citing.

The following is a copy of a 6 Aug 02 letter I wrote to The Air Force Times in response to an editorial they wrote endorsing the Bush Administration's opposition the International Criminal Court. It provides such a perspective which, if followed, would lead to a lasting (and for the most part peaceful) solution to such problems. I received a call from the Air Force Times asking for my permission to publish it, and I said "Sure!" We'll see what happens. [The Air Force Times published an abbreviated version of this letter in their 16 Sep 02 issue.]

Letters to the Editors
Air Force Times
6883 Commercial Drive
Springfield, VA 22159-0170

Dear Sirs,

I was dismayed to read your endorsement of the Bush Administration's opposition to the International Criminal Court. The rationale you cite for doing so, though commonly hyped by our nation's right-wing politicians, is simply not true. You investigation of this issue leaves MUCH to be desired.

What is even worse, though, is your endorsement the whole idea of the Bush Administration's efforts to "thumb our nation's nose" at the rule of law and promote instead policies characterized by the phrase "might makes right." Ultimately, it is this "might makes right" attitude that creates wars and terrorism in the first place. The September 11th disaster was CAUSED to a considerable extent by our nations' support for (or at least tolerance of) the Israeli government's "might makes right" policy of seizing (stealing) Palestinian lands and creating Jews-only settlements on them.

Have Ariel Sharon's "might makes right" policies come even close to reducing the risk that Israeli citizens will be killed by terrorists? No! More likely than not, the Bush Administration's reliance on "might makes right" policies will produce similar results for American citizens as well, no matter how much money we spend on the Bush Administration's so-called "War Against Terrorism."

In America, it took several decades for law enforcement agencies to finally succeed in "taming the West." Those problems were ultimately solved by promoting a widespread respect for law and order. Your editorial endorsement of "might makes right" over the rule of law will only help to make matters worse!


Christopher C. Currie, Major, USAF (Ret)

(a.k.a. "one grain of salt")

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Last modified on Thursday, September 26, 2002