Another War in Iraq?

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The Bush Insanity Continues... (Sep 02)

Over the past few days, I have sent copies of the following email (or earlier, essentially-the-same versions of it) to all 100 of our Senators:

Subj: Say NO to Bush's attempt to start World War II and a Half!

The apparent willingness of so many in Congress to start a war in Iraq and initiate what will amount to a "World War II and a Half " is surreal! Most of the rational he has presented to "justify" such actions has been little more than paranoid conjecture! And I agree with that German official who concluded that Bush's primary motive for doing this is to further his own political ambitions by diverting public attention away from the domestic damage and misdeeds of his own administration.

If you vote to authorize Bush to start a war in Iraq, then you will be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for authorizing the needless killing (murder) of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children. And more likely than not, that death toll will include a FAR greater number of Americans than were ever killed by Osama Bin Laden!

I'm not sure what kind of impact those emails may have had, but it does appear that on Wednesday morning, after having received my email, Senator Tom Daschle finally decided to take a firm stand against the Bush Administrations' dubious tactics and objectives. That in turn appears to have helped to temporarily stem the war-mongering-Bush-inspired nosedive in our nation's stock market prices.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the "smoking gun" that triggered our military participation in World War II. The North Korean invasion of South Korea was the "smoking gun" that triggered our military participation in the Korean War. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait was the "smoking gun" that triggered our military participation in the 1991 Gulf War. And the destruction of New York's World Trade Center towers was the "smoking gun" that triggered our military participation in the recent war in Afghanistan. But as far as Iraq is concerned today, there is NO "smoking gun"! All we have is "smoke", and most of that "smoke" has been generated by the Bush Administration!

In 1964, we experienced a situation that closely parallels our present situation. Evidently, many in the Bush Administration currently believe that by using large-scale military actions our government can oust Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq in a few weeks or perhaps within three months (max). That's reminiscent of the kind of thinking that prevailed in the Johnson Administration when they decided to fabricate some key "facts" concerning the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" in order to secure Congressional approval for large-scale US military operations in Vietnam. If our news agencies at that time had exercised a greater concern for the truth, history would have evolved somewhat differently. The wisdom of our nation's involvement in the Vietnam War is still being debated many decades later, and it will continue to be debated for many decades more. But few can seriously disagree that if Congress had rejected the Johnson Administration's "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution", most of the people whose names appear on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC would still be alive today. This is just one example of the kinds of "prices" that citizens of our nation will pay if our news agencies and politicians continue to demonstrate such surreal lack of concern for the truth! LOOK at where our country is headed! Advocating "preemptive" military invasions on one hand while opposing implementation of the rule of law (as embodied in the UN, ICC, etc.) on the other hand bears a disturbing resemblance to paranoid, maniacal INSANITY!

Far too many have been allowing the Bush Administration to get away with using highly idolized phrases like "national security" to make people's eyes glaze while shutting down their reasoning abilities and opening their mental mouths to obediently "swallow" all of the lies, distortions, and misinformation that the Bush Administration has been feeding to them. To preserve our freedoms, the responsibility rests most heavily on the editors of our nation's so-called "free press" to effectively squelch the use of such less-than-honest ideological tactics. History has clearly shown that if they fail to do so, the price for MOST of those ideological victims will be HEAVY, BRUTAL, and in many cases BLOODY!

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Friday, September 27, 2002