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A review of Year 2003 (Dec 03)

In 2003 we witnessed the worst year in our nation's history with regards to the extraordinary dishonesty of our government and the failure of most of our nation's so-called "free press" to keep their readers honestly informed about what our government has been doing. Most of the time, whenever President Bush or a member of his Administration uttered a bold faced lie in order cover up or divert attention away from what would otherwise be a highly unpopular act on their part, rather than pointing out the fact that these representatives of our government were lying, our news agencies either spread such lies without comment or pandered to the current public opinion polls by orchestrating such lies and even adding lies of their own. TV's "FOX News Network" was especially noteworthy in this regard. As a result of this general lack of concern for the truth and God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves,

1. Our nation invaded Iraq based on justifications that were for the most part a PARANOID PACK OF LIES! Despite the Bush Administration's claims to the contrary, that war is far from over yet. Bush's actions in this regard have resulted in the killing and wounding of thousands of American and "coalition" personnel along with the killing and wounding of tens of thousands Iraqi men, women, and children--all to remove a "threat" that never really existed!

2. US taxpayers have been paying over $2.60/gallon for huge quantities of gasoline that are being sold to Iraqi citizens for about $0.04/gallon! This is just one of the many examples of the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed money that will be deducted from our paychecks (and the paychecks of our children and grand children) for generations to come because of George W. Bush's perfidy.

3. Our nation is now in danger of being subjected to extensive damage from nuclear weapons smuggled into our country by North Korea, because the Bush Administration engineered the cutting off of oil supplies to that country. What do you suppose would happen if the rest of the world cut off oil supplies to the United States?

4. Although our economy APPEARS to be improving, we really can't be sure about that, because the Bush Administration has begun to "cook the books" that are producing our government's economic performance statistics. For example, the 18 Dec 03 edition of http://daily.misleader.org pointed out that "after making substantial budget cuts, the president ordered the government to stop publishing its regular report detailing those cuts to states. And when confronted with a continuing unemployment crisis, the president ordered the Department of Labor to stop publishing its regular mass layoff report." And although our government has been telling us that our unemployment rate is only 5.9%, various studies have shown that it is really more like 9.7% when the increasing number of Americans who have given up looking for a job or have temporarily settled for low-paying part-time jobs while seeing full-time jobs are considered. Contrary to the Bush Administration's promises and claims, and despite the ever-increasing size of our nation's population, the number of full-time jobs in America has decreased by nearly 3 million since George W. Bush became our President!

5. Despite the promises and claims of Bush and his Administration to "fully support" our troops, Bush's Administration has in fact reduced funding in those portions of our defense budget that have to do with supporting our troops (health care, housing, commissaries, etc.). Furthermore, they have blocked the possible retirements and legal departures of more than 40,000 soldiers (including 16,000 in the National Guard and reserve) in order to maintain current manning levels in Afghanistan and Iraq. As a result, our military now has at least 20,000 more active-duty soldiers than the 480,000 authorized by Congress, or to put it another way, over 20,000 of our active-duty soldiers are now serving their country illegally!

6. Despite the fact that the only weapon that the Bush Administrations would classify as a "weapon of mass destruction" that has been used against American civilians since World War II (those anthrax letters) were made with materials created by our own government, the Bush Administration has enthusiastically begun a new program to develop "mini-nukes"-a terrorist's dream come true!

7. The Bush Administration has been remarkably consistent in its efforts to reduce or dismantle our nation's environmental protection programs. Apparently, all they have to do is to boldly proclaim that they are doing just the opposite, and most of our news agencies seem eager to swallow their lies "without batting an eyelash." Fortunately, some of our environmental non-government-organizations have succeeded in convincing our courts to at least temporarily block the Bush Administrations efforts in this regard.

8. So far at least, President Bush's promise in last January's State of the Union Address to provide 15 billion dollars to fight the AIDS pandemic overseas has proven to me more of an illusion than a reality.

9. President Bush's "concern for small businesses" has likewise proven to be more of an illusion than reality-like the plastic turkey he held for his photo-op during his very brief visit to Baghdad. Bush's reduction of the top tax rate from 39.6% to 33% only benefited the wealthiest 3.7% of our nation's small businesses, and the rest of his tax cuts primarily benefited the wealthiest 20% of our nation's small businesses.

10. And although both Houses of Congress have specifically rejected Bush's efforts to take overtime pay away from as many as 8 million American wage earners, he has nevertheless re-introduced such a provision again in the omnibus spending bill that Congress will be asked to pass in January 2004.

I could go on and on about the damage the Bush Administration has done (or attempted to do) to our National Parks, legal rights, health care programs, educational programs, and our nation-wide electrical grid, etc., but these are all documented so much better on web sites like http://daily.misleader.org and http://www.truthout.org. While the Bush Administration has been financially and morally "raping" the United States, as their friends in Enron and WorldCom financially and morally "raped" their respective companies, most of our nation's news agencies have simply been "going along for the ride"! If we survive this at all, it will take at least a generation or two to fully recover from the damage wrought upon us by George W. Bush and his friends.

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Wednesday, December 31, 2003