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A Fountain of Lies, Footprints of Blood in the Sands

Former Vice President Al Gore was too kind when remarked recently that George W. Bush is "the most dishonest President since Richard Nixon." In fact, by at least one order of magnitude, George W. Bush has been the MOST dishonest US President ever! No other President scores even close in that regard. If you check the database of lies and deceptions uttered by George W. Bush and Bush Administration documented on www. American progress.org (http://www.americanprogress.org/site/apps/custom/cap/findorg.asp?c=biJRJ8OVF&b=45294), or my monthly articles on www.onesalt.com over the past three years, or www.moveon.org's "The Daily Mislead" articles, or the daily www.truthout.org articles, you will see that almost nothing that George W. Bush claims or promises can be reliably believed. Indeed, if you are a gambler, you could make easy money by making even bets with die-hard Republicans on each particular claim that Bush has been making--by simply betting that the OPPOSITE of what he says is true! How many die-hard Republicans would commit to an even bet of their own money that Bush will grant the people of Iraq "FULL sovereignty" by June 30, 2004? How many die-hard Republicans are aware by now that George W. Bush has been lying to them all along?

This situation might seem hilarious if it were a TV show, but is it not. Tens of thousands of men, women, and children (including many thousands of Americans) have been killed or seriously wounded as a result of George W. Bush's lies, deceptions, and resulting decisions. Likewise, George W. Bush has disgraced most of America's news agencies (as even the editors of the New York Times recently admitted) because they published his lies without questioning them (or even worse, they added similar lies of their own as they "jumped on Bush's war-mongering bandwagon" in an attempt to make themselves "popular.")

Despite Republican claims to the contrary, NOBODY who lies as blatantly and frequently as George W. Bush has can possibly be "sincere", or "a good man." The fact that Bush and his Administration are well aware that they have been lying is evidenced by the extraordinary efforts they have resorted to in order to cover up their lies (and to punish those who have exposed them). Their attempts to use our government's classification system to hide the fact they were routinely torturing Iraqi and Afghani "detainees" is just one of many well documented examples of this. Furthermore, it appears now that it was because they feared exposure of their torture tactics that they refused to allow many of their "detainees" to see a lawyer or to testify in trials of 9/11 suspects--a practice that recently led to the release of a prime 9/11 suspect in Germany. Theses are the tactics of tyranny, not democracy.

It is becoming increasingly clear that like a tyrant, George W. Bush considers himself to be "above" the rule of law, "above" the International Criminal Court, and "above" international law and the Geneva Conventions (which he believes he can dismiss simply by declaring them "not applicable"). Furthermore, he not only considers himself to be "above" the war crimes prevention law which our own Congress enacted in 1996, he also considers himself to be "above" the Bill of Rights in our Constitution (he believes he can strip any US citizen of all of his rights simply by labeling him as an "enemy combatant"). So while Bush claims to be "creating peace and democracy" in Iraq, he has in fact been acting like a tyrant at home and as well as in Iraq. In order for peace and democracy to work successfully, people must have respect for (and faith in) the rule of law. George W. Bush has neither. So as you can see, there is no significant difference between the moral standards of George W. Bush and moral standards of the terrorists whom he claims to be going after. In fact, George has killed many times more (innocent) men, women, and children than any of the terrorists he claims to be going after.

Of course, all this did not come about without considerable help from a large number of Bush supporters. Even now, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there are still some in on our Congress (Oklahoma's Senator James Inhofe, for example) who shamelessly spout Bush's line that such incidents of torture were nothing more than the misconduct "of a few rotten apples." This is no mere example of "spin"; it is an example of gross, deliberate DECEPTION (a.k.a. a BOLD-FACED LIE)!

A campaign package sent all over America features a photograph of George W. Bush and his wife in which he appears to be kindly middle-aged gentleman. If you read my www.onsalt.com article, "Does Satan really exist", you will not only learn A LOT about the origins of Judaism and Christianity, you will also see how Jesus viewed Satan, Satan's teachings, and people who followed Satan's teachings. If Jesus Christ were viewing that photograph of George W. Bush and his wife today, in addition recognizing the picture itself, more likely than not, Jesus would visualize George as having the blood of innocent victims dripping from his hands. To Jesus, George W. Bush would look no more kindly than "Uncle Joe Stalin" who still had millions of admirers when he died--even though he was personally responsible for killing tens of millions of his own country's citizens. If you have any doubts as to how that actually happened in the Soviet Union or how it can happen here, look at George W. Bush and his puppets in Congress who are shamelessly willing to lie on his behalf for their own political gain.

The "slippery slope" that inevitably leads to mass killings and totalitarianism starts with a willingness to tolerate lies that violate God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves (without placing restrictions on our definition of "neighbor"). In spite of the blood that Jesus would visualize on George W. Bush's hands, unlike Bush, Jesus would never advocate killing anybody to solve the problem. Instead, Jesus would solve the problem by exposing his misconduct to "the Light of Day" (i.e. God's guiding principles of truth and love as summarized in Matt 22:37-40). This is God's way to accomplish peace and democracy. Bush's "might makes right" beliefs and practices not only follow the teachings of Satan rather than God, they have also proven (ultimately) throughout history to be self-defeating (as happened for the Germans and Japanese in World War II and the US in Vietnam, for example).

On May 26, 2004, the editors of The New York Times apologized to their readers for the serious errors they made in their coverage of the lies uttered by Bush and his Administration during the months leading up to our invasion of Iraq. By doing so, they have served notice to the Bush Administration (and the Republican National Committee) that in the future they will expose rather than tolerate the kinds of lies and deceptions that the Bush Administration has been 'dishing out" over the past three years. When our news agencies do their job like this, it usually takes at least an order of magnitude more money to successfully "sell a lie" than to tell the truth, and even when such well-advertised lies do occasionally succeed, they don't succeed for long. Fortunately for all of us, it's beginning to look like Bush's "superior war chest of campaign funds" will not be enough to get him or many of his supporters re-elected.

(one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Monday, May 31, 2004