A Review of 2005

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They had no god but Hitler (~87K)

GHW Bush's little holocaust (~139K)

Seeing Through Emperor Bush's New Clothes (~76K)

A Review of 2005 (Dec 05)

You may have noticed that it has been nine months since I published an article on www.onesalt.com. I actually starting drafting some articles since then, only to find that other authors "stole my thunder" in articles published by www.truthout.com, The Nation, Fair/Extra, Church & State, The Progressive, etc. So I sat back and waited to see if their coverage failed to fill any "gaps" from God's point of view (i.e. from the point of view of the truth relative to God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves -- without placing any restrictions on our definition of neighbor). Overall, I think these sources have been doing rather well in this regard, but I think there are some key points that need far more emphasis at this time.

It's a shame the leaders of our Democratic Party lacked the courage to hold George W. Bush and his cronies fully accountable for the credibility of their statements prior to the 2004 presidential elections. They could easily have branded the entire Bush/Cheney team as "bold-faced liars" and made that charge stick in the minds of at least 60 percent of America's voters (as is presently the case). With a pointspread like that, the Republican administrators of the elections in Ohio and Florida could not have "fudged the results" in their states without completely destroying what little was left of their own credibility (and ability to stay out of jail).

I've heard many comments recently that it was difficult to "get into the Christmas Spirit this year." We've already read numerous reasons for that, but I'd like to add some more observations regarding the root causes for most of those other reasons. For the first time on this web site, I've prefaced my article with a some pictures.

1. I call the first picture "They had no god but Hitler." This picture (from an excellent documentary DVD called "Bonhoeffer") shows a small example of the large majority of religious leaders in Germany who enthusiastically supported Hitler's rise to power while falsely claiming to represent God, much as their religious predecessors had done a generation earlier as Germany was preparing to launch what turned out to be World War I. In each of those cases, such satanically oriented religious misguidance led to huge instances of human carnage within Germany as well as outside of Germany. The reason I am pointing this out is because we have a very similar situation occurring within America these days. Not only have America's so-called "Christian Right" religious leaders enthusiastically supported the rise of George W. Bush to become this century's leading killer of innocent men, women, and children (including Americans), they have also adamantly opposed establishment of the rule of law internationally and falsely branded those who DO take God's commandment to love our neighbors and ourselves seriously as being "evil", "secular humanists", "whiners", "sissies", and of course (gasp) "liberals." Rather than teaching their listeners about the Kingdom of God based on God's commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves as Jesus did, the leaders of America's "Christian Right" have been teaching a satanically inspired ideology that glorifies SELFISHNESS! They ignore most of Jesus' teachings, portraying Jesus as a mere "personal savior", and then they promise their listeners that they will be supernaturally "raptured" to safety before the bloody fruits of the international anarchies they've been promoting spill over onto American soil. My July 98 article, A Critical Review of the "Dispensational View" of the Bible and of America's "Christian Right", exposes the dishonesty of their teachings in greater detail.

If the so-called "Christian" religious leaders in Germany had been teaching the Kingdom of God as taught by Jesus Christ, anti-Semitism in Germany would have been quite rare by then, the conditions that led to World War I and World War II would not have existed (they would have been alleviated or solved by love-your-neighbor-as-yourself activities), and there would have been no plausible need for a fear-and-hate-mongering demagogue like Adolph Hitler (who, by the way, also claimed to represent God).

Have you ever wondered why America's "Christian Right" leaders have so vehemently opposed the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution? It's because Darwin's theory, along with the whole world full of evidence that supports it, exposes the dishonest nature of the Christian Right's definition of "truth." The Christian Right's definition of "truth" is to falsely claim that "the Bible is The World God" (despite the assertions in John 1:1), so that they can use selected quotations from the Bible to "morally justify" whatever good or evil deed they decide to promote at the time. This enables them to seriously mislead many of their listeners into believing "supernatural" explanations of what's going in the world around them rather than focusing on what's REALLY going on in the world around them (i.e. they are "pulling the wool over their audience's eyes", or "unhinging them from reality", so to speak). America's "Christian Right" religious leaders have no god but money. Without challenges to their credibility, they've been able attract huge amounts of money with their fear-and-hate-mongering teachings. If any of you has any doubts as to how DEADLY such dishonest religious leaders can ultimately become, look as what their ideological predecessors did to Germany and the rest of the world -- TWICE during the 20th century!

2. I call the second picture, "GHW Bush's little holocaust." This picture (from a documentary VHS called "Panama Deception") shows some of the 15 or so mass burial sights in Panama that were created by American soldiers to conceal the thousands of victims of their bloody 1991 invasion of Panama to wipe out the entire Panamanian army. These victims included many women and children as well as hand-tied people who had been shot in the back of their heads. Remember how horrified we were when mass graves with victims like that were found in Hue, Vietnam, following its brief North Vietnamese occupation of the Hue during the Tet Offensive? The reason most American's weren't horrified by what our own soldiers had done in Panama is because America's "mainstream" news agencies deliberately chose to cover up that aspect of the story. Instead, they merely published and even helped to orchestrate the GHW Bush Administration's propaganda line that the invasion was a simply "surgical strike" to rid Panama of a "corrupt dictator" (who was paid by our government throughout most of his career). There was no legal basis whatsoever for that invasion, but nevertheless The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times enthusiastically supported it -- thereby establishing a deadly precedent that ten years later helped convince Dick Cheney and GHW Bush's son (GW Bush) that they could successfully use big-lie propaganda tactics to manipulate America's so-called "free press" AGAIN to not only support but even PROMOTE an illegal invasion of Iraq!

After GHW Bush's cold-blooded massacre of the Panamanian army (along with many of their family members), the GHW Bush Administration installed Guillermo Endara as Panama's "President" and forced Endara to propose a Constitutional amendment to forever abolish Panama's right to have an army. After that, a law was passed by our United States Congress to renegotiate the Panama Canal Treaties to ensure a continued U.S. military presence in Panama, on the grounds that Panama was no longer capable of defending the canal. So Panama is more like the American territory of Puerto Rico than a true "independent nation", except that political corruption and drug smuggling through Panama have increased rather than decreased since then.

3. I call the third picture "Seeing through Emperor Bush's new clothes." This picture (from the documentary DVD "911 in Plane Site" -- available on www.911inplanesite.com) shows the 14-to-16-foot hole created by the aircraft that slammed into the Pentagon on 9/11. According to the Bush Administration, that 16-foot hole was created by American Airline's Flight 77, a 100-ton 65'-wide 44'-tall Boeing 757 flying at least 250 mph with a nearly full load of fuel. Although the creators of this documentary leave it up to the members of their audience to draw their own conclusions based on the evidence and explanations which they present, one doesn't need to be a "genius" or "rocket scientist" to recognize that there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the Bush Administration's assertions as to what actually caused that hole. The documentary also analyzes videos taken from four different angles, which show that the second aircraft to crash into New City's Trade Towers could not have been a commercial aircraft; it looks far more like the dull grey and pretty-much windowless US Navy E-10 aircraft that is normally used for electronic countermeasures. You can see that for yourself, simply by looking at the still photos. This photographic evidence strongly suggests that the dreadful events of 9/11 were in fact the result of a jointly coordinated effort between Osama Bin Laden and various clandestine operatives within America's "military industrial complex" (which includes the Bush Administration). Apparently, those dreadful actions were intended not only to help ensure a hefty supply of lucrative military contracts for the foreseeable future, but also to create an easily referenced excuse for Republicans to use to help them gain control of the US Senate in 2002 (and to improve GW Bush's chances for re-election in 2004). As you know, 9/11 did in fact help to produce such results for our Republican Party and our nation's military industrial complex.

America's mainstream news agencies like to create the illusion that they are "on the side" of their audiences, but as the examples above clearly show, that is often not the case -- even on issues that will mean the difference between life and death for thousands of people (Americans included).

* They deceived and lied to the American people regarding the true nature, mission, and casualties of the Vietnam War.

* They deceived and lied to the American people regarding the true nature, mission, and casualties of GHW Bush's invasion of Panama.

* They deceived and lied to the American people about the true nature, mission, and casualties of GW Bush's invasion of Iraq.

Like America's "Christian Right", most of America's mainstream news agencies "have no god but money." In fact, most of them are owned by a few giant corporations who likewise "have no god but money", -- corporations who have been benefiting financially by promoting and perpetuating wars and a fear of "foreigners".

Ten years after Adolph Hitler's rise to power, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, "We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds. We have been drenched by many storms. We have learned the art of equivocation and pretence. Experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open. Are we still of any use?"

Dave Vonkliest, the narrator of "911 in Plane Site" put it this way, "If you become aware of a lie, and you do nothing to expose the lie, you then become part of that lie."

So far at least, GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and other Republicans have found that the word "outrageous" has been amazingly effective for discouraging news agencies and others from investigating any indications of misconduct on their part. When they express "outrage" at people who point out similarities between their tactics and the tactics used by Adolph Hitler during his rise to power, our news agencies "look the other way." But the fact remains that there are MANY similarities between the tactics used the Bush Administration and those used by Hitler and his cronies during (as well as after) Hitler's rise to power (www.truthout.org/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi/4/3201) It now appears that Hitler's plot to set fire to the Reichstag so he could blame that fire on the German Communist Party and use that as an excuse to eliminate a rival political force can also be added to the ever growing list of Hitler Regime/Bush Administration similarities.

During 2005, Emperor Bush's "new clothes" became increasingly transparent as the truth began escaping from behind the Bush Administration's carefully crafted veils of deceit. It will be in the best interests of nearly all Americans if this trend continues and our "mainstream" news agencies finally STOP "looking the other way" on such critical issues -- including the potentially DEADLY dishonesty of America's so-called "Christian Right" religious leaders!

If we REALLY want peace, security, and freedom in our future, we will have to RE-ESTABLISH the rule on law at home and to ESTABLISH the rule of law internationally as well. This won't happen until our religious leaders start genuinely teaching their audiences to put their faith in the love-your-neighbor-as-yourself Kingdom of God as taught by Jesus Christ. Otherwise, the "storm trooper" tactics, practices of torture, and indiscriminate killings that our people are presently doing in Iraq will eventually be used by our government throughout the United States as well, and like Germany, our democratic form of government will gradually become a totalitarian state!

(one grain of salt)

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