Give the Rule of Law a Chance

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Why do we allow Satanic options to become our alternative of first resort?

[This afternoon, I sent the following email to the editors of the Providence Journal. Now I am sending it to numerous other news agencies as well. I chose to use the phrase "satanically inspired" rather than the equally applicable term "evil" in the email below to better illustrate how far away our two nations have strayed from the vision of God revealed to us by the teachings of Jesus Christ.]

Subject: Give the Rule of Law a Chance

When two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, rather than demanding that the new government of Lebanon deal with the problem in accordance with the rule of law, the government of Israel immediately started a WHOLE NEW WAR, bombing police barracks and other facilities and personnel that the Lebanese government needed in order to apprehend the kidnappers and rescue those two hostages. As a result of that satanically inspired decision to resort to war first, at least 10 Israeli citizens and a hundred Lebanese citizens have been killed, and many more are likely to be killed by the time this new war is over. There is also a considerable probability that those two Israeli hostages were killed as well by those Israeli bombings. With satanically inspired "friends" like the present government of Israel, it's no wonder we have so many enemies to be wary of.

Why do we financially support people at home and abroad who adamantly prefer to start wars rather than establishing an effective international law enforcement system? Our own nation's refusal to do so has already cost the lives of over 2,500 military personnel and the wounding of tens of thousands of other Americans (besides the number of Iraqi and Afghani citizens we have killed or wounded). It would at least be more honest if our national motto were changed to "In Satan we trust."

Christopher C. Currie
(a.k.a. one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Saturday, July 15, 2006