Might Makes Right vs. The Rule of Law

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How right-wing broadcasters help to kill people, including their own supporters. (Aug 06)

The following is the text of an email I sent to Dan Yorke, a Rhode Island "right-wing" talk show host whose afternoon program is featured on radio station WPRO.

TO: Dan Yorke (dan@630wpro.com),

I don't normally listen to right-wing radio talk shows, because their hate-your-neighbor themes and lack of concern for the truth tend to turn me off. But I did happen to overhear the program that you broadcast two weeks ago (on Monday, 31 Jul 06), I and found it to be particularly deserving of a response. That afternoon:

a. YOU gleefully gloated over how the present government of Israel was "blowing the daylights out of Hezbollah" while totally ignoring the fact that a substantial majority of the casualties resulting from the Israeli government's attacks where non-combatants (men, women, and children) and that those attacks had "displaced" (i.e. made at least temporarily homeless) nearly a million people by then!

b. In response to suggestions that the Israeli government should have at least have attempted to achieve a negotiated solution with the new Lebanese government (i.e. given the new Lebanese government an opportunity prove its viability by securing the release of the two kidnapped hostages and prosecuting those responsible for that incursion), YOU quickly dismissed that idea with the DEADLY BOLD-FACED LIE that "things aren't done that way." In fact, using applications of the Rule of Law to resolve crimes like that IS the way things are normally done. Starting a whole new war with one's neighbor over such an incident is highly ABNORMAL! The deadly lies and broken promises that various Israeli government spokesman have been dreaming up to put a favorable "spin" on their invasion of Lebanon are similar in many respects to the trumped-up excuses Adolph Hitler used in to "justify" his invasion of Poland! There have even been revelations that since last May, the Israeli government had been coordinating their plans to launch that highly destructive and deadly attack on Lebanon with the Bush Administration!

c. YOU dishonestly dismissed (by calling it "crap") an accurate observation made by someone who called in saying that the present government of Israel is at least as much a terrorist organization as Hezbollah. In terms of the number of deadly attacks and the number of innocent people who have been killed, Israel's government has proven to be as much as thirty times MORE of a terrorist organization than Hezbollah, and about twenty times MORE of a terrorist organization than Hamas!

d. YOU boldly assured your listeners that this new war would be over in less than a week, implying that within a week the Israelis would "wipe out" what was left of Hezbollah's forces. Two weeks later, right up until the UN negotiated ceasefire was implemented, that war was still going strong with no apparent decrease in Hezbollah's ability to fire rockets into Israel. So it has been the UN's proposed application of the Rule of Law, not Israel's military invasion, which has proven to be the most effectively means so far for ending this war. YOU'RE stated and implied predictions regarding this war turned out to be a false prophesies, which is not surprising given your frequently demonstrated lack of concern for the truth.

For every true statement about a given situation, the human mind can invent an infinite number of related untrue statements about that same situation the may appear to some people to be "true." Such untrue statements can often be crafted to be more entertaining than true statements about the situation, which explains is how you right-wing radio talk show "hosts" have been making your living lately. But what's even worse is the recurring fact that such lies have been materially contributing to the KILLING and MAIMING of THOUSANDS innocent men, women, and children! You like to ridicule Moslem clerics who have been urging their audiences to kill people, even if it means sacrificing their own lives to do so. But the fact is, YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING! You and those dishonest Moslem clerics are merely exhibiting different manifestations of the same satanically inspired spirit! Unlike Jesus Christ, you have built your career on placing restrictions on your definition of "neighbor", based on a variety of criteria that you change whenever you believe it suits your purposes to do so. Eventually, such ideological distinctions have a way of "logically" becoming the basis for the growth and popularity of satanically inspired spirits that can create attitudes such as "the only good Indian is a dead Indian", "the only good communist is a dead communist", or in YOUR case "the only good Hezbollah is a dead Hezbollah."

After Cain jealously murdered Able, he pleaded with God to provide him with some way to survive the inevitable consequences of his actions (i.e. anarchy). God responded to Cain's request by giving him a "mark" on his head (representing a king's crown and the Rule of Law concept). According to the author of that story, Cain went on to successfully use God's gift of the Rule of Law concept to become a "city builder."

Since the nation-state of Israel was created in 1947, numerous Israeli politicians and generals have repeatedly claimed that by (ignoring the Rule of Law and) using their military toys to kill this person or that person or by killing most of this group or that group, their country would then be able to live in peace. In the meantime, they repeatedly abused their governmental powers by seizing (stealing) lands from Palestinians and then populating those lands with settlements for Jews only. So not surprisingly, since 1947 ALL of their predictions of how they could use violence rather than the Rule of Law to secure peace for Israel have proven to be false prophecies. NONE of their predictions have proven to be true. Nada! But the present government of Israel is STILL killing large numbers of people based on repetitions of predictions that have NEVER turned out be true! And YOU have been satanically cheering them on! It's as if you, as well as the present governments of Israel and the United States, actually PREFER to kill people rather than to establish and rely on the Rule of Law.

As demonstrated by their adamant opposition to the establishment of the International Criminal Court, one thing the Bush Administration and Israel's government clearly do not want is to be legally required to abide by applications of the Rule of Law themselves, even though they claim that others should do so. So, at least when it comes to killing people, they have essentially the same level of "morality" as the terrorists they claim to be opposing, but are many times more deadly. They are all essentially "lawless at heart."

After three generations of cyclical violence, the conflict between Great Britain and the Irish Republican Army was finally resolved when both sides finally agreed to promote and follow the Rule of Law. Granted, the Rule of Law doesn't always work, which is why we have courts and prison systems. But for MOST people, the Rule of Law DOES work successfully nearly all of the time!

The recent plot in London to blow up at least 10 airliners heading to the United States is an example of a terrorist incident that was clearly intended to be a response to the Bush and Blair Administrations' abusive and war-making foreign policies. This was the fourth major terrorist plot England's government has foiled within the past year! No doubt, more plots like that will continue to evolve as long as the governments of the United States and England insist on putting their faith in the "might makes right" principle. It's important to note that although those plots were inspired as retaliation for governmental acts of war, it was nevertheless squelched non-violently by applying the Rule of Law based on tips received from informants who placed the principle of "love your neighbor as yourself" above any racially or economically based concerns they may have had. If George W. Bush's appointees had paid anywhere near as much attention to the warnings and evidence of terrorist planning that they already had in their possession prior to 11 September 2001, the incident we call "9/11" would probably never have happened; it could likewise have been squelched before any violence occurred by applying the Rule of Law.

God's gift of the Rule of Law concept offers the only realistic hope for any kind of lasting peace, provided that the Rule of Law is designed to make no significant distinctions in people's definition of neighbor. That's essentially what the UN peacekeeping force will be able to establish once they get set up in Lebanon, provided that they are granted a level of authority that outranks the authority of the governments of Israel and Lebanon as well as Hezbollah. Without that ingredient for their success, UN forces will inevitably fail to effectively maintain peace between Israel and Lebanon.

The Israeli decision to start a war rather than apply the Rule of Law has led to the killing or maiming of HUNDREDS OF ADDITIONAL Israelis, as well as thousands of people in Lebanon. It has also succeeded in uniting the normally divided "Arab World" to a point where they might just decide that the time has come to retaliate by cutting off a major portion of the oil supplies that Israel and the United States depend on and/or by "cashing in" the portion of our national debt that they are holding and/or by demanding that all future oil transactions be paid for with Euros rather than US Dollars, etc. No matter what they do or don't do, Israel will STILL be no safer from terrorist attacks than they were before they started this new war, because their satanically inspired actions are continually refueling the kind of hatreds that lead more and more of their neighbors to become anti-Israeli (and anti-US) terrorists. Even if the UN peace-keeping forces succeed in removing Hezbollah's rockets from that area, more likely than not, multiple groups of anti-Israel terrorists will find other ways (possibly more deadly ways) to "get back" at Israel for that invasion. Such are the predictable consequences of relying on satanically inspired "solutions" to human relations problems.

If you would like to see an example of a person who is possessed, guided, and inspired by a variety of satanic spirits, all you have to do is LOOK IN A MIRROR! In your case, most of those satanic spirits appear to be based on restrictions you have placed on your definition of neighbor (and on your lack of concern for the truth).

On your talk radio program, why don't you get honest for a change and compare the number of people killed or wounded as a result of decisions made by Osama bin Laden with the number of people killed or wounded as a result of decisions made by George W. Bush? Then make the same comparison counting just the number of AMERICANS who have been killed or wounded (including American civilians) as a result of their respective decisions. In light of those comparisons: Which of them has been more deadly? And which of them do you think is FAR more likely to end up killing or wounding at least at few thousand MORE Americans within the next two years? This analysis would be a real "eye opener" for your audience; it will also reveal how DEADLY and/or harmful your beloved lies have turned out to be for Americans as well as other people throughout the world. Hey, you might actually succeed in breaking through the routine censorship practices of America's so-called "free press!" These statistics can be easily found on the Internet. Unfortunately for many Americans, it appears that most of our nation's "mainstream" news agencies have deliberately shied away from making those highly relevant comparisons.

Your practice of dismissing points that you disagree with as "crap" and then immediately shutting off the mike to censor any possible follow-up response is a practice that won't work in this case. As you can see from that attached web page, a copy of this email has been posted on the historic www.onesalt.com. Copies have also been forwarded to news agencies, commentators, and politicians all over the place! What YOU do or don't as a result of this will become a "matter of record for all to see (or hear)."

(a.k.a. one grain of salt)

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Last modified on Tuesday, August 15, 2006